Inter Library Loans
The Inter Library Loan service is a means of obtaining books and other study materials which are not held in your own public library but which may be available from a library elsewhere. The service is open to anyone but is primarily aimed at people requiring essential materials for educational purposes, whether for a formal course or for private study. This might include items such as text books, reference books, thesis reports, journal articles or musical scores and librettos. Please see our Inter Library Loan Acceptable Use Policy for further details. This document also includes an application form which can be printed off and completed for each required item. Your completed form can either be posted to us or handed in to Kirkwall Library, Stromness Library or the Mobile Library. You can also apply for an Inter Library Loan by emailing your request to ill@orkney.gov.uk. There is a standard administration charge for the service, with other charges being applied in some cases, such as when a requested item is particularly large or heavy or if additional fees are charged by the lending library. Please get in touch for more details. The time it takes to obtain an item can vary depending on the general availability of the item, and the location of the library which supplies it. Therefore we would always advise anyone requiring materials for a set course to apply well in advance of their assignment dates. The loan period can also vary because it is stipulated by the library that agrees to supply the item but they are generally loaned for around four weeks with renewals usually possible but again this would be at the discretion of the lending library. Please note that once an Inter Library Loan request has been made it is not possible to cancel it and all fees will still have to be paid even if the materials are no longer required. To find out more information about the Inter Library Loan service or to request an item please get in touch on 01856 873166 or email us at ill@orkney.gov.uk
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