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There are a number of websites that will be of interest to those interested in wildlife and the environment. These vary from those providing general information suitable for those who are looking for an overview of biodiversity matters to those providing information about specific aspects of the subject or specific areas. The following are just a few which we hope will be of interest:

Orkney's Conservation Verges: A story app explaining about Orkney's Conservation Verges.

Bursaries from Biological Recording in Scotland (BRISC) and Glasgow Natural History Society (GNHS):
Scotland needs more taxonomic experts who can accurately identify the many different species and help new generations carry forward this important work. In order to encourage people to take up the serious study of wildlife, BRISC and GNHS are offering seven bursaries to anyone living in Scotland to cover some of the costs of attending a suitable training course in 2016. Up to £200 or 75% of the cost of the course, whichever is lowest, is on offer to successful candidates. Use the link above to find out more information.

Local Biodiversity Action Plan: Orkney Islands Council's website contains information about biodiversity initiatives in Orkney and includes access to the Local Biodiversity Action Plan.

Biodiversity Scotland: This website is managed by the Scottish Biodiversity Implementation Team and contains information about biodiversity issues in Scotland.

Exploring Biodiversity: This site, maintained by the Natural History Museum, is an interactive introduction to UK biodiversity for GCSE and A-level students, and for amateur enthusiasts.

Postcode Plants Database: This website, also maintained by the Natural History Museum, was produced by Flora-for-Fauna, and enables you to generate local lists of UK plants (flora) and/or animals (fauna).

UK Biodiversity Action Plan: The UKBAP website supports the implementation of the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (UK BAP) on behalf of the UK Biodiversity Partnership and the UK Government.

National Biodiversity Network:This site is the communications Portal for the NBN. It contains a wealth of information which includes a link to the NBN Gateway, which allows users to view distribution maps and download UK wildlife data by using a variety of interactive tools.

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